We’re tired of being told to think inside the box and narrow assumptions about what is possible.

Energy Democracy Project  promotes a just and rapid transition away from fossil fuels and neoliberalism. We work with trade unions, grassroots movements, and campaign groups.

Our vision of energy democracy includes community control of energy resources alongside redistribution. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground, a just transition for workers and environmental justice for frontline communities. An end to energy colonialism and an intersectional approach to oppression.

We want energy democracy, not energy security or energy separation. These are too rooted in the neoliberal common sense, and serve to empower militaries and heavy-handed governments over a passive population. A survivable and just energy future means breaking the grip of elite interests on our energy systems, building diverse power structures through which we can hold one another to account, and leaving fossil fuels in the ground. Energy democracy would put an end to fuel poverty and create conditions for economic democracy; and it would take power out of the hands of unaccountable elites. We are not limited to a single unitary model – a resilient energy future will be composed of diverse energy commons, solidarities and practices.
We believe energy democracy can be realised by scaling up from decentralised, community-controlled renewable energy projects, and using the state’s institutions to pool, allocate and redistribute resources.


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