Campaigners slam Ed Davey call to ditch rigs in North Sea

Contact: Ms Mika Minio-Paluello, Energy Democracy Project

Today Sir Ed Davey called for a review of decommissioning rules for North Sea oil platforms, claiming that the steel structures could be left at sea to provide habitat for wildlife.

Energy Democracy Project campaigner Mika Minio-Paluello, who authored a major North Sea energy transition report) responded,

“Oil companies have walked away with billions in profits from drilling – and now they’re lobbying to leave their junk in the North Sea. The Ospar Convention for protecting the North Sea was developed through years of negotiations and compromise. Ed Davey seems happy to ditch these basic regulations, dismantle the ‘polluter pays’ principle and give oil corporations more.”

She continued,

“Decommissioning will be a new global industry, and Britain could take a lead – creating thousands of jobs and bringing life into quiet dockyards. Stronger environmental regulations can lead to a stronger economy.

Effectively Davey is calling for a giveaway of tens of billions of pounds to BP and Shell, in return for a few social responibility projects. This sounds like greenwash.”


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