Jeremy Corbyn and Naomi Klein on energy democracy

Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn joined forces for a #JezWeKlein event during the Paris climate talks. Organised by Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, “Now is not the time for small steps: Solutions to the Climate Crisis and the role of Trade Unions” addressed energy democracy, climate jobs, and the need for a transition that is not only just, but also transformative. 

Naomi urged unions and their allies not to accept a “highly dangerous” deal, and to take to the streets in Paris on December 12.

Jeremy pointed to the need to democratise energy, and that the failure to address climate has contributed to devastating flooding throughout Northern England, Scotland and Wales

“We’ve taken the responsibility on ourselves to do something here and now – to stop the destruction of the world’s environment, to bring people together to prevent that happening, and above all, to bring people together not through fear, but through hope, through imagination, through optimism,” Corbyn said. “Unleash the optimism, unleash the imagination, unleash the hope. That is the way forward.”


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